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Mineral Deposits

Hydrothermal mineral deposits, as the name suggests, are formed by a process involving the dissolution, transportation, and precipitation of metals in “hot” hydrothermal fluids. These deposits can form at or near the earth’s surface or they can form deep in the crust and show distinct characteristics based on the depth of formation. Each mineral deposit shows distinct characteristics which are controlled by the characteristics of the mineralizing fluids, the characteristics of the host rocks and the solubility of the elements of interest.

Solidus specializes in the following hydrothermal mineral deposits:

  • Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide

  • Porphyry

  • Epithermal

  • Mesothermal

  • Skarn


  • Sedimentary hosted (Carlin Type) Au

  • Unconformity hosted Uranium

  • Intrusion Relative Veins

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