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Mineral Deposits

Magmatic mineral deposits are formed by the segregation of minerals or metals through magmatic processes such as gravity settling, or flow differentiation. These deposits form deep in the earth crust in large igneous intrusions. Historically some magmatic deposits have formed on the earth’s surface within ultramafic and some mafic lava flows. Magmatic sulphides, along with the chalcophile elements nickel, copper, platinum, and palladium, behave very predictably within mafic magmatic systems, and therefore can form economic concentrations through a variety of processes including magmatic segregation.

Solidus specializes in the following magmatic mineral deposits:

  • Sudbury type

  • Contact hosted mafic-ultramafic intrusion

  • Reef hosted

  • Komatiite-High Mg basalt hosted

  • Flood Basalt hosted

  • Magmatic Fe-Ti-V oxide

  • Diamonds

  • Granite Hosted

  • Pegmatite Hosted

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